Last August of 2018, we had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the top customizers in the game, @actionfiguretoronto to create a miniature replica of Captain Morgan as a part of the advertisement for the brand.

Our part was to create a complete set for Captain Morgan. It should be made with a tight-fitting jacket that doesn’t hinder articulation, a pair of pants, ruffled neck piece, a wired cape with a pocket for magnet and detailed trims.

As soon as we received the project, we did our research and looked for some other angles or views of clothing online. What helped us the most are the reference photos that were being provided to us for the design.

Production was the most important and exciting part so we made sure to take some photos while we were working on it.

We tried the set on to the required base figure as soon as we finished it then used Frank Castle’s head temporarily to see how it looked like. The next day, we delivered the clothing to @actionfiguretoronto so he can try it on the actual Custom Captain Morgan he made.

Below is the completed version of this project. Make sure to visit @actionfiguretoronto’s Instagram. He also made a full tutorial on his website on how he managed to re-create the entire look.