Since Miles Morales is currently the most popular Marvel character, we decided to re-create his entire look.

Aside from the clothing and shoes, we also created a new head sculpt for him because the one available in the market right now no longer resembles his character on Spiderverse.

New paint and new hairstyle has been applied in this upgraded version.


We’ve been asked a lot about how we made the shoes. The process is easy and you won’t even realize that it’s that simple.

The main secret? We used Spider-punk's shoes.

A portion of Mile's lower legs has to be cut off then just simply attach the shoes using Kragle.

It needs a little repaint to make it look like AJ1's. (Still looks close enough without repaint).

Try this out if you have the materials and you'll have high tops with ankle articulation.


To complete the look, we created a full set of clothing for him.

This clothing set will be available on January, 20th, 2019.

(Head sculpt and shoes not included)

Don’t forget to grab one!!!