CJESIM NO LONGER OFFER STANDARD SHIPMENT (Shipping without tracking) to International Orders EFFECTIVE TODAY DECEMBER 07, 2017 - 11:00 pm.  Any International Clients who are interested to buy anything from our website are now REQUIRED to pay WITH PROTECTION AND INSURANCE and pre-ordered packages now has to be paid with TRACKING NUMBER. If your country is not listed on our website, contact us for a quote. 

It's been very difficult dealing with International Clients due to unpredictable shipping arrival date caused by couriers and clients who prefer to buy our products with regular shipping WITHOUT TRACKING then later blame us for having their shipment getting delayed or have not being received at all and FORCIBLY claim their money back even though proof of shipment and receipts have been sent.

People have paid for it but they should also consider and understand our side as we also did our part in designing, tailoring, conducting quality control, packing and sending all products as a seller and as part of the transaction. Some even said that the money they used to buy our products were hard-earned money but never realized how unprofessional it is to treat sellers in this manner because sellers also kill themselves at work to be able to return the services they paid for. 

We have been very informative with everyone that items without tracking numbers could potentially get lost.  We offer the cheapest international shipping fee only because some people are willing to risk it and lots of people have requested for it. We have been very honest and considerate to all yet some people have chosen to take advantage of the situation thru SCAM AND FRAUD.

We DO NOT TOLERATE these kind of activities and have decided to take action immediately. We apologize to people who cannot afford to pay for shipping cost but WE WOULD RATHER CHOOSE TO PROTECT BOTH PARTIES IN EVERY TRANSACTION.

Christian Baluyot