SCAM / FRAUD ALERT Sept 26, 2017



We are truly grateful for everyone who supports CJESIM. However, scammers and fraudulent customers have attacked the company very recently and to avoid this kind of situation, Regular shipping without any tracking number for some countries will no longer be available. Which means that some of these countries will be charged with a tracking number effective today at 2:00 pm EST

We are artisans in a very credible company and it is guaranteed that your item will be shipped to your location but please make sure that the information you provided us is correct before you check out.

For people who are in doubt of our services, just do some credibility research first before purchasing. We would not waste our time in the first place if we intend not to not make your item. 

For clients who purchased an item from us without any tracking number,  know that it is very RISKY and that there is a VERY HIGH POSSIBILITY that your item could take longer than usual.  Patience is definitely needed in that situation. We would appreciate it if you contact us first before filing a dispute so we can resolve it right away. Also, If you realised that you cannot wait during the waiting period before production, send us an email and we will gladly refund your money. Once your item hits the production, refund is no longer allowed.

Be reminded that it is in our policy that your item could get lost or get damaged on its way to you and that we are not going to be liable for it.  




Christian Baluyot