CJESIM noticed that there is a website owner from United Kingdom who copied CJESIM'S  Original and Entire Website Content including it's About Us, Policy Section, Product Names, Website Layout and CJESIM's Order Processing System.

We would like to stress out that this company NEVER reached out to us first or even ask our permission if he is allowed to copy the entire content of CJESIM's website. We discovered this early December of 2017.  

He totally DENIED these accusations even though CJESIM had a valid evidence for his actions.

He may already had revised several words, changed some of its contents and removed the numbering system on his website, but it clearly is still considered UNORIGINAL.

We would like to express our EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT towards this company and its owner.

This is PLAGIARISM and we are NOT A FAN of this kind of behaviour.

Christian Baluyot