Recently, people have been trying to avoid doing business with a guy named JOSEPH DIAZ.

Some people were involved in a group buy led by this man and uses CJESIM's name to attract people. Apparently, according to a very reliable source, DIAZ claimed that he placed an order from CJESIM on August 2, 2017 in behalf of a group of people to save shipping costs to US.

As soon as the information was disclosed to CJESIM on April 18, 2018, CJESIM conducted an investigation right away and discovered that no pre-order has been made during the said date under DIAZ's name.

CJESIM have never partnered with a 2nd and 3rd party company ever and have never used an Indonesian shipping service ever since the business have been launched.

The product DIAZ's claims to be from CJESIM looks totally different from what CJESIM produces.

As of April 2018, CJESIM have not released any black and brown leather trench coat and jackets for the Vigilante custom.


We are very sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

To tell you honestly, this guy never bought anything from Cjesim ever since the business has started. It may appear that he is a mutual friend (via Facebook -now blocked) but he is not a personal friend. CJESIM Page and CJ Cjesim Facebook Accounts are used strictly for business, advertising and product inquiry since March of 2017. Also, to clarify this, we have accepted several friend requests on either accounts. Some of them we know personally but most of them we do not.

Joseph Diaz submitted an inquiry but never ordered anything.

If you are aware of his aliases or any other names that he might be using, we can try and find the order for you but if we are only talking about the name you provided, we do not see any pre-orders from him that has been placed since March 2017.

Are there any people involved in this group buy that you mentioned because we would like to reach out to them.

-Wed, Apr 18, 2018

Thank you for your response.

Based on the statement of this guy, it looks like he really scammed you since the beginning. 

The photos you sent us were unbelievable. Those were not from us. We started selling ninjas on  March 19th of 2017 and our website went live on June 26, 2017 to be exact. If it was indeed purchased in August, then it should have went through our website which I know you are now familiar with. We quickly scanned through our order list from August 2, 2012 and the only order we got that day was specifically for a Dr. Doom Set.

Cjesim and MissJesim Ninjas Include:

1 Sleeveless hoodie/ hoodie with sleeve
1 Vest
1 Pair of pants
1 Mask

1 Belt
1 Body Sling
2 Leg Wraps

We have never used any metal piece or attachment to tighten up the pants.  Our ninja trouser design doesn't even have a cut on the frontal-belt area.

We have never sold any leather clothing on August of 2017. The first leather material we sold was the OML Set which was released on November of 2017. 

First Vigilante Coat that we released were made of non-leather material without any belt included.

Not really sure how he was able to pull it off because it was clearly stated on the "About Us" section of our website that we are a Canadian-based company. Looking at the last photo, it was stated that the source is coming from Indonesia.

If you don't mind, can you send us the actual screenshot where he claimed that this was ordered from us?

We are hoping to inform everyone about this incident so it won't ever happen again.

Thank you for reaching out to us. 

-Thu, Apr 19, 2018

Thank you  for your consent.

We did everything we could to help out and have informed people with regards to this incident. 

We would never allow someone like him to use our name to just scam people and most importantly, to scam others for money. 

Again, we are very sorry hear that this has happened to you.

-Fri, Apr 20, 2018

Note: CJESIM was given the consent, the right to own and use these images to inform everyone in this community about this incident.

Christian Baluyot