1 - Terms and Conditions

1.1 Disclaimer

All items are made to order and made in batches.

Standard waiting time now takes 3-4 months or longer before production due to extremely high volume of pre-orders. Please understand that items in production might take a little longer than usual while we implement a temporary production process. Please know that we are trying our very best to finish the batches as soon as possible and your understanding will be greatly appreciated. A notification from us will be received to inform you that your item is being made. Be aware that this does not mean that we are delayed in production, it is due to huge amount of pre-orders we get every single day.


Some fabric may cause staining. Pre-washing is recommended. 

Choking Hazard. Not intended for children ages 6 and below. May contain metal wires and small parts.

Can cause allergic reactions. Not intended for people with fabric allergies. May contain chemicals produced during material treatment.

Intended for adult collectors only.


1.2 Our Process

Every client will receive 4-5 emails from CJESIM, Usually, we do not send email updates or other messages if the item is not in production yet (unless needed). However, customers can still check their order status on the Announcement Bar located at the top area of our website.

Once your pre-order has been placed, a confirmation receipt will be emailed to you. If you did not receive this email as soon as you placed your order, your payment did not go through - AUTOMATED

A thank you email stating that your order has been placed successfully in production will be received as well after the confirmation receipt - AUTOMATED

Few days after the pre-order has been placed, our team will send you a notification stating your batch number. - 1st email

If multiple orders of the same client fell on the same batch, our team will send you a notification of shipping refund qualification - 2nd email (sent to qualifying clients only)

Once your pre-order has been placed in production, our team will notify you that your pre-order(s) is/are about to be made. It could take 1-3 weeks in production - 3rd/4th email

In cases when the 1-2 week standard time-frame can't be met, items could take 3 weeks in production. Kindly check Announcement Bar often as soon as it hits the 2 week estimated production date to confirm if shipping was rescheduled to up another week. - Announcement Bar

Once finished, you will again be contacted by our team to inform you that your item has been shipped including your Tracking Number. - 4th/5th email


1.3 Order Modification

Special requests to be bumped ahead other batches is prohibited.

If you are switching an item to a product of the same value, contact us before production to switch an item. This changes would not reflect on your receipt but will be modified on our database. Once it has been placed to production, switching product of the same value is no longer allowed.

Adding additional item/s to an existing pre-order is prohibited. It is best to place a new order and obtain a new order number to be fair with others who placed their pre-orders after yours. 

Your pre-order will be placed on the batch available at the time of your order. Special requests to combine orders which fell on two different batches to save shipping is strictly prohibited. Only CJESIM can determine your batch number. Clients are prohibited from requesting to move their own batch numbers.  This is to prevent other batches from being delayed or affected by the changes. We follow a certain quota to meet our expected time-frame and prevent complaints.


1.4 Multiple Orders With The Same Batch Number

We will issue shipping refunds for multiple orders that has been placed on the same batch. A separate email will be received to confirm that you have been qualified for this. 


1st order placed on July 1, 2017 - Batch 13 + Shipping

2nd order placed on July 2, 2017 - Batch 13 + Shipping

3rd order placed on July 3, 2017 - Batch 13 + Shipping

Shipping refund will apply to 2nd and 3rd Order.


1.5 Estimated Delivery Date

Once you receive the email notification from us indicating the specific start date of production for your pre-order,  you can now determine the estimated delivery date of your item. To do this,  please add 2 weeks of production time (standard time-frame) to shipping date. Shipping date varies per location (refer to item 1.6)


Order Placed on July 1, 2017 - Batch 13 - With Tracking (US/Canada) 

          2 weeks + 1 week = 3 weeks

Order Placed on July 1, 2017 - Batch 13 - With Tracking (International)

          2 weeks + 3 weeks = 5 weeks


1.6 Shipping Date

After tracking has been received estimated shipping date can be determined below:

1 week - Items with Tracking Number (US/Canada)

1-3 weeks - Items with Tracking Number (International)

1.7 Tracking your item

Check the status of your item using the Postal Services Tracking Below.

2 - Return Policy

2.0 No Refund, No Return, No Exchange (CANADA, US and other INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES) 

All orders will be going through quality control test before shipping.

It is highly recommended to handle this product with care due to its size and material.

We are not liable to any item that got lost, damaged or destroyed during and after item has been shipped. CJESIM will provide all shipping receipts when asked by customers. Ensure that your orders are insured and trackable by choosing the Shipping with Tracking Option on Checkout to be able to claim a missing package to the postal office and retrieve the amount in the event that the above mentioned circumstances has happened to your package.


2.1 Postal Office Claims (CANADA, US and other INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES) 

If you suspect that your package isn't moving and noticed that the tracking number is not updating, contact us right away so we can conduct an investigation. After the investigation has been made, and the package turned out to be missing, give us your consent and we will file a claim on your behalf. A service ticket will be issued to us as soon as we finish submitting the form. CJESIM will provide you the proof of claim including the copy of the service ticket and the resolution date. Once the final decision has been made, we will contact you again to inform you the about the result. Should you have any questions and concerns with regards to the status of the claim, feel free to contact us anytime.

When filing a claim to the postal office, amount of claim listed would be the amount of the product only and it does not cover the shipping cost that you've paid for. If your total product amount goes over 100 CAD, the maximum amount that customers can claim is 100 CAD only as per Canada Post Insurance Policy. 


2.2 Cancelling Orders

If you need to cancel your order, contact us right away before we put your items to production.

Once your order has started production, cancelling orders are already prohibited.


2.3 Product Issue Caused by CJESIM

At times when quality control has been conducted yet the product recieved has an issue, and when the client has a very reasonable and valid proof that CJESIM was at fault, do not hesitate to contact us right away so we can settle the situation as soon as we can. 


2.4 Returned to Sender Packages due to incorrect address on Client's Receipt

Double check any typographical errors on your shipping information. If you made a mistake in filling out the form while placing an order or recently moved to a new place of residence, kindly click the " CHANGE MY ADDRESS" button below to notify us about the changes. It is best to contact us before shipping to avoid delivering packages to the wrong address and prevent it from being returned to sender. Kindly update your address on your CJESIM ACCOUNT  as well (if you have one).

Please be advised that these changes would not reflect on your receipt but would be applied on the file we have on you on our system instead. A confirmation email from CJESIM is expected to be received by you within few days. If in the event that a confirmation email hasn't been received after a week, kindly send us a new notification

We will contact the client to discuss how to proceed with the returned item due to incorrect address made by client on file. Any packages that has been returned to sender will be kept by CJESIM until further instructions have been made by the client.

3 - Privacy Policy

3.1 Your Privacy Is Important to Us

We value the trust you have placed in us by choosing CJESIM as your CUSTOM ACTION FIGURE CLOTHING supplier. At CJESIM, your personal information is kept safe and undisclosed.

3.2 Your Privacy Is Important to You

We encourage our clients to read this privacy policy so that you can understand how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information.


3.3 How We Use and Share Information

Provide Clients with Products or Services

Communicate with our Clients

Manage our Business