lnstagram sensation has amassed a gargantuan following for his photographs depicting action figures starring in glorious, cinematic adventures. The collection of Wu's work will take you on a hero's journey through action figure eyes, with appearances throughout from some of pop culture's most beloved and recognized toys.

Explore the world of toy photography with Johnny, follow him on this articulated adventure, while he brings plastic and resin to life in jaw dropping stills and prints. Johnny's passion for toys started in his youth, and only advanced with age.



Action Figure Toronto is a custom action figure artist who keeps no secrets. From the traditional to the modern, he is known for using a wide variety of techniques and materials to create one of a kind handcrafted action figures. His work and process are documented in detail on his website making it one of the largest custom action figure tutorial libraries ever assembled.




Crashbox builds custom dioramas and display pieces for clients all over the world.  Each piece is designed using state of the art technology, and hand finished using techniques from all facets of miniature hobbies.  Crashbox can work in any scale, whether 1:18, 1:6, or 1:12, like most of their work.  Whether it Sci-fi, forest temples, entire buildings, custom vehicles or custom cut logos.

Crashbox can help with your project.  How do you display?




Christina Cruz is an Australian based artist and toy designer specializing in custom one of a kind action figures, bringing life to anything that's made with intricate paint and sculpt work.

Each piece is unique and crafted with the highest detail and quality from the subtle highlights in the outfits right down to individual hand painted eyelashes 




Darais is a Freelance Toy Photographer and Toy Reviewer. When not doing anything of those things, he does a weekly Podcast sometimes of what life is like being a somewhat known toy guy in the world.

He often do crossover work, love to mix and match and create new universes from existing things.

β€œIt is imagination and fun that has kept us all in the wonderful hobby, Why not keep it going?”

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