Who We Are

CJESIM /si:/dʒe/si:m/ CUSTOM ACTION FIGURE CLOTHING is a privately owned, Canadian-based company which specializes in miniature clothing and was launched on March 2017. It is currently the most in demand product for all 6" Action Figure Collectors and Photographers in the world and was renowned as the trendsetter for the action figure toy clothing businesses.

We are Freelance Tailors of FOUR HORSEMEN STUDIOS and DC COLLECTIBLES. One of our latest creations will be revealed in San Diego Comic Con 2019 where Michael Angelo will be dressed as Batman referencing to their very popular 2019 Animated Movie BATMAN vs NINJA TURTLES CROSSOVER.

Our one of a kind design will turn your action figure into a customizable collection whether it is for a shelf display or for toy photography.

Our product line is quality-made and is very competitive to other clothing line. From sketches to final design, it is guaranteed that the product meet and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We ensure that quality control has been conducted up until item is packed and ready to be shipped to client.

Our Team


Managing Owner

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Head of Design

Product Developer